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Having fun on the water is second nature to me as I have been leading charter adventures for decades – since Nixon was in office!


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The Boat That Does It All

Cap’n Larry at helm of LINEDANCER heading out in the Florida Keys

Quite a few years ago, back in the mid-1970’s, I was fortunate to work as a mate then captain of a large passenger carrying boat that took people snorkeling on the shallow coral reefs of John Pennekamp State Park in Key Largo, Florida.

  I promoted our business with the phrase “If you can swim, you can snorkel.”  Twice a day, we hauled up to 61 passengers a trip on a wooden Harkers Island built-boat to witness the amazing coral reefs and tropical fish that are found right here in the United States.
   Today, the State Park concession that I worked from has about 4 multi-passenger snorkel boats that have evolved from that one vessel.
   Like snorkeling, there are many marine sports that have sprouted over my lifetime.
   Obviously, canoes have been with us for many years.  But, who figured out that you could sit on top of a kayak or stand up to paddle a fat surfboard?  These are relatively recent innovations that have attracted a huge following.
   Then, there are those Wave Runners.  When I grew up in the Fifties, we never figured you could have a motorcycle that flew across the water.
   All of those sports are fun for those of us who swim but owning all four: a canoe, kayak, paddle board and Wave Runner is expensive, space consuming, and a major maintenance hassle.
   What if one vessel did all this, and more?
   The Wavewalk catamaran style skiff is the stable and portable boat that literally, does it all.  A visit to the company website at wavewalk.com will show you the W500 and W700 solo and tandem twin hull kayaks that are easy on your back because they are straddled like a Wave Runner.  Fishermen are especially fond of the Wavewalk design because they are so easy to stand up in to spot or cast to their prey.
   These magic boats can be paddled with kayak or canoe paddles or outfitted for gas outboard or electric trolling motor or both!  And, they are lightweight enough to carry on top of your car without a special carrying rack or trailer.
   I discovered the Wavewalk design while I was searching the Internet for the perfect kayak to establish a retirement rental business in Key Largo.  My first Wavewalk was purchased at retail price.  That little W500 was so good that I used it in my commercial fishing business in the Chesapeake region to supply Blue Catfish fillets to Linda’s Cafe in downtown Lexington Park and the Victorian Candle Bed and Breakfast in historic Hollywood, Maryland.
   At present, in addition to two commercial fishing work boats, I have a fleet of Wavewalk kayaks for weekend Wavewalk Adventures in the State Parks and National Sanctuaries that surround Key Largo.
   And, I am fortunate to be the exclusive Wavewalk distributor for all of South Florida.
   On a nearly daily basis, I motor my green W700 skiff through mangrove creeks or out in the ocean to make my own adventures exploring places that are almost impossible to reach by any other method of marine conveyance.  This Wavewalk lifestyle is a most wonderful and unexpected retirement pastime that I am most happy to share.
   So, if you are tired of being cold this winter and want an excuse to visit the Florida Keys, you have one (as if you really need an excuse to visit paradise).
   Contact me at the email below and I will provide all the info you need to schedule a free Wavewalk Wednesday demo of this vessel.   Or, a weekend rental with included guide service might be a way to enjoy a complete kayak, canoe, stand-up paddle board package in a boat that “does it all”.
   Who knows?  You might drive home with one.
   Welcome aboard.
Cap’n Larry Jarboe – bass21292@yahoo.com


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About Cap’n Larry Jarboe

Cap’n Larry at helm of LINEDANCER heading out in the Florida Keys

Cap’n Larry Jarboe is a dedicated conservationist, a long-time member of the Issac Walton League, was one of the youngest Charter Captains with a Master’s License in the Florida Keys; served for sixteen years in four election cycles as the longest serving county commissioner in St. Mary’s County, Maryland history. Cap’n Larry has successfully mastered the art of showing folks how to fill their coolers with fish by catching them rather than just fishing for them and is a licensed commercial fisherman.

Copyright 2017 Lawrence D. Jarboe – All Rights Reserved

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